The big news is that we now have a web page so that it will be possible to keep you up to date with events at the condo association. Please send in comments and news that you would like to see published on this page.

Tree Trimming and Maintenance: NW Trees will be on site later this month, on Tuesday, September 30, 2014, to promote the health of our trees and the beauty and safety of our landscape by trimming tree limbs and, when needed, removing dead or dying trees.  Attached is a document outlining a list of the trees that will be affected. If you’d like firewood for personal use, the cut trees and limbs will be left on the property for the remainder of the week – until Friday, October 3 – and may be taken on a first come, first served basis. Any wood remaining after the 3rd will be removed by the contractor.

PRESSURE WASHING EVENT …July 14th, 2013, is a day long to be remembered by all who worked to clean the moss off our driveways. Many many thanks to Ether, Annette, Tara, Kara, Jana, Miles, Shirley, John, Tom, Rose and Stacey.